Making $0-Down Bankruptcy Work For Attorneys and Clients

Help More People and Grow Your Practice
by Offering $0-Down Chapter 7

Grow Your
  • Differentiate your firm with easy payment terms

  • Overcome your clients' financial objections

  • Make bankruptcy affordable for all clients

Energize Your
Cash Flow
  • Get paid now and still offer terms to your clients

  • Instant working capital to grow your business

  • Fast, twice-weekly funding

 Be An Attorney,
Not A Bill Collector 
  • Spend your time doing what you do best

  • Save time and money by outsourcing collections

  • Your clients will love your easy payment platform

Be Your
Client's Hero
  • Get them a fresh start now

  • Help them rebuild their credit

  • Make it all affordable and easy




Energize your cash flow
with a generous line of credit that can be drawn as needed


Help your clients rebuild
their credit - we report
on-time payments positively
to the credit bureaus


Focus on productive legal
work and let us manage your clients' payments so you can eliminate overhead and time drain


Stay on top of compliance issues with our industry
best-practices and 

commitment to being the thought leader for $0-down bankruptcy

We have nearly 300 law firms in over 45 states using our program,
here’s what they have to say…
Differentiate your firm and engage nearly every client that comes through your door
by offering a post-petition payment option. With
Fresh Start Funding you can
legally and ethically collect payments post-petition without violating the automatic stay.
Learn more about structuring fees and get access to our Attorney Fee Calculator

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