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You’re Invited to Join the

DURATION                       12 WEEKS
                                          from September 8, 2021  
                                          to November 23, 2021

                                          at 2 PM Eastern |
                                          1 PM Central |
                                          11 AM Pacific

LANGUAGE                      ENGLISH



Practice Accelerator

What you'll learn

This elite collaborative program is designed to help establish you as a leader in your area and make you a more successful attorney and business owner


In this one-hour weekly sessions, you'll access:

  • Practice management secrets

  • Business-building tools

  • Proven positioning to grow by 60% or more.


Week 1    Introductions and Goal Setting​

Week 2    Small Firm Economics |
                  Your Ticket In: Your Practice By the Numbers

Week 3    Communicating Your Unique Value Proposition |
                  Your Ticket In: Uncovering Your Why

Week 4   Successful Business Processes |
                 Your Ticket In: Time Tracker

Week 5    Winning Consultations |
                  Your Ticket In: Firm Efficiency Calendar

Week 6    Dealing With Growth |
                  Your Ticket In: Management Scenarios

Week 8    Successes and Struggles

Week 10  New Best Practices

Week 12   Graduation


No prerequisite knowledge required; the only thing you need​ is a computer and an internet connection


Many attorneys like you want to dramatically grow their business starting today and just lack the technical expertise to create a business plan, distinguish your firm in the marketplace, actively attract and retain new clients, and measure your progress to adjust your plan to grow even faster.

In this course, you’ll work collaboratively with other growing firms to master these skills and more to create a thriving, sustainable practice.

Over the next 12 weeks, we’ll work collaboratively with other growing firms. Have open-ended, roundtable discussions on some of the key factors shared by massively successful consumer law practices.

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Dan Garrison FSF 2019 BW.jpg

Dan Garrison

Entrepreneur & Practicing Attorney

Ben Kamper FSF 2021 BW1.jpg

Ben Kamper

Nationally Recognized
and Award-Winning Marketer


Eric Sacchetti

Entrepreneur & International Sales Expert

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