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  • What practice areas do you finance?
    We offer payment plans to consumer law practices that charge a flat fee for services. The areas we typically finance include Bankruptcy, Criminal, Family Law, Immigration, Estate Planning, and Probate. Contact us today to see if your firm qualifies.
  • Is it difficult for clients to qualify?
    We fund over 95% of the clients submitted. Our Zero-Interest financing is provided without credit check for most clients with documented gross income (including any unemployment and/or disability benefits) over $2,000 per month.
  • Is it ethical for attorneys to offer payment terms to their clients?
    Yes. The keys to compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct are to make sure the payment plan is in the clients’ best interest and to make adequate disclosures so that clients can give informed written consent. We provide attorneys the necessary disclosures and train attorneys and their staff to make sure they are in compliance.
  • How long are the payment plans?
    We allow clients 12 months to pay their legal fees, and they can pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
  • If a client doesn’t pay, do you threaten them or send them to collections?"
    No. Fresh Start Funding relies on their unique relationship-based payment management program and doesn’t use “hard” collection techniques. We have a highly trained payment management team that treats your clients with respect and works with them when they can’t make a payment.
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