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  • Matthew Hartley

Marketing Your Firm on Social Media – Reach Today’s Consumers Seeking a Bankruptcy Attorney

Over the years, social media has made its way up the ladder to one of the top marketing tools. More and more consumers now turn to social media to search for businesses that will meet their needs. This is no different for consumers who are looking to find a bankruptcy attorney in their community to help them get the relief they need.

Bob Hiler, of Bankruptcy Law Success, highlights the benefits and success of using Facebook marketing for your bankruptcy firm:

“You probably have a Facebook Page for your bankruptcy practice, but you may not realize that Facebook is also one of the most cost efficient ways to get new clients. I’m not talking about buying "likes" or "boosting" posts, neither of which actually generates filings for your practice.

By buying ads on Facebook that encourage people to schedule free consult appointments to talk about bankruptcy, you can generate a huge number of bankruptcy filings, particularly when you offer attractive zero-down Chapter 7s. One of my clients recently spent $1,000 on Facebook ads to generate 104 leads which resulted in 36 appointments. That’s far more appointments than you could get by spending $1,000 on Google AdWords.

Of course, you still have to convert those appointments into retainers. In the "old days" before zero-down Chapter 7s, most appointments led nowhere, as only highly qualified leads were likely to plunk down thousands for a traditional bankruptcy. That’s why everybody spends a fortune on Google AdWords for its high lead quality.

But cash-strapped debtors love zero-down Chapter 7s, so these days, even cheap Facebook leads can turn into retainers, as long as you’re offering zero-down bifurcated Chapter 7s that don’t require payment upfront.

The attorney I mentioned earlier just started advertising on Facebook about 25 days ago and is already up to 8 filings and $20,400 in gross fees from his ads, which is 20 times his marketing investment. And unlike Facebook “likes” or “comments,” he can actually spend that cash.”

~ Bob Hiler | (347) 796-4325 |

Whether you are looking to get started with social media marketing or to enhance your existing social networks, here are a few tips to effectively market your firm on social media:

· Create a strong profile that represents your business and provide the necessary information for prospective clients such as contact information, location, website, reviews, photos, etc.

· Create a content calendar and schedule quality posts in advance to save you time.

· Visual content stands out; use images and videos to engage your audience.

· Be social and respond to messages; monitor and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner as this gives you a chance to interact directly with consumers.

· Build following with paid ads and bring in leads.

Consumers are going to social media because they can get the information they need and can contact you NOW! Take advantage of this marketing tool and enhance your social media presence to begin attracting and retaining more clients.

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