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Tips from the Top

  • Matthew Hartley

Ranking in Google's Search Results

Last month the word “bankruptcy” was searched over 200,000 times, a 20% increase from the month before, and with the impact of COVID-19 still unfolding, that number is sure to increase! Although we cannot see the future, we know that your firm will need to be seen on Google in the upcoming months as consumers seek out bankruptcy attorneys.

At the beginning of May, Google rolled out a major update to its algorithm, called a Core update, so you may have noticed a dip or an increase in your search rankings. These fluctuations are due to the Core update and your website content’s relevancy. The more relevant your website content is, the more likely it will be listed at the top of the search results. This change also takes into consideration what consumers are searching. You must ensure that your website has content that mentions things such as, “Zero-Down Chapter 7” and “Zero-Down Bankruptcy”. To sum up what this means and how Google works: when someone types in a search word, Google will search the content of your website to determine how relevant your site is based on whether your content mentions the word being searched, from those results, Google will list your website in order of relevance after the paid ads.

Here are a few things YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW to improve your ranking in Google's search results:

  • Update your website with keywords that consumers search or reach out to your website or marketing agency to update the SEO on your website.

  • Edit and update the existing content on your website frequently – old content is considered “stale” and less relevant by Google, however, Google will view simple updates to the content on your website as “new” and more relevant.

  • Change the date of your blog posts to a more recent date, even if the content has not changed, Google will always display blogs/articles that are more current to be sure they are relevant to today’s search words.

  • Increase your budget and update or add keywords to your Google Ad and Paid Search campaign.

  • Work with a marketing agency or consultant that can help with your SEO, website content, and Google Ads – it is MONEY WELL SPENT.

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