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Tips from the Top

  • Matthew Hartley

When Will the Surge in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy…Surge?

Bankruptcy filings are down by nearly 50% across the country despite the expectation that filings will ultimately increase dramatically.  We’re starting to see upward trends, and now that the country is beginning to reopen and the federal stimulus package is expiring, we expect the pressure on consumers to increase significantly. When the surge hits, will you be ready?

In this webinar, attorneys Dan Garrison and Matt Hartley discuss factors causing the large drop in filings, when we can expect filings to increase, and how to prepare for the surge we all know is coming. Watch to learn the latest insights on when the surge may happen and helpful tips on how you and your firm can be prepared. Now is the time to get ready to help more people and gain a competitive edge as more consumers seek bankruptcy help in your area. 

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