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Tips from the Top

  • Matthew Hartley

We're Expanding Our Practice Areas

We’re excited to announce that Fresh Start Funding has expanded its financing and payment management services to additional practice areas! Now you can provide all your clients with the help they need and remove the pressure of having to pay your fees up-front.

Starting on September 1st, we will begin accepting family, criminal, and immigration matters where you charge a flat fee! Consumers struggle with paying attorney’s fees upfront in all practice areas, and now you’ll have a $0-down or low-down option for those clients that cannot pay you in advance.

Chapter 7 | Family Law | Criminal Law | Immigration Matters

Underwriting is the same as with bankruptcy matters, but we will finance a larger amount with the other practice areas. You can even use your standard fee agreement! We’ll also handle all the payment management for you so you can spend your time doing what you do best – being an attorney!

When you have a $0-down client, just like with your bankruptcy cases, you will go to your client portal and upload three documents:

  1. Your standard fee agreement

  2. Our Payment Authorization form

  3. Proof of income

Getting started is simple just give us a call! We’ll answer any questions and send you a simple Addendum that expands the practice areas we will finance. Then you can start offering a $0-down or low-down option to all your clients!

Call 800-915-6545 now to get started!

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