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Tips from the Top

  • Matthew Hartley

Prepare For a Surge In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

As businesses continue to assess the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, experts expect the pandemic will generate a surge in bankruptcy filings. In a Market Watch article, John Rao, a National Consumer Law Center staff attorney said, “There is no question that given the effect of this pandemic, there will be an increase of bankruptcies. It’s really a question of when that rise will occur.” The article also quoted Executive Director of the American Bankruptcy Institute, Amy Quackenboss, who said “We think business filings will see an uptick in April with consumer filings to surge in May and June.” To read the full article, click here.

Today, we are rapidly altering the way we work and interact in our communities. As we navigate this fast-changing environment we are committed to helping you help more consumers as they begin pursuing bankruptcy as a means to get the fresh start they need NOW!

1. Offer $0-Down Chapter 7 – Be prepared for the increase in Chapter 7 filings as a result of the current economic situation. Some consumers were already experiencing financial strain and the long-term effects of this pandemic will only continue to be a burden, and more Americans will be seeking immediate relief, but will have little to no money to retain an attorney.

2. Stand Out from the Competition – With $0-Down Chapter 7, you will set yourself apart from other attorneys in your area. More than every consumers will need an attorney that provides $0-down or low-down options so they can file NOW!

3. Increased Initial Advances - We want to get more cash to you at the front end of our financing, so we're increasing our initial advance under the line of credit.

4. Modified Underwriting Requirements - We recognize that the current situation is going to make it tough for some debtors to meet our income requirements so we will now allow unemployment benefits to be included as income for underwriting purposes. At some point, we will move back to our normal income requirement, but we feel like this is the right thing to do now for you and your clients.

NOW is the time to get started with Fresh Start Funding to be prepared for the upcoming months.

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